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Are your courses entirely online?

Yes, every course offered by CEMassage (unless otherwise noted) is completely online. After you have created an account and purchased a course or package, you will be able to access your course(s) in your account immediately. You will be able to view your course (print it, if desired), complete the test, and, if passed, you will receive your certificate all without waiting. No shipments and no hassle! Not only are our courses 100% online, but you also may save your exam and come back at a later time! Our online courses at are completely online.

How does online testing work?

Online testing is straightforward with us and allows you to work at your own pace without being timed. You will receive your certificate immediately after successfully passing the exam.

After you have made your purchase, you will log in to your account on

  • To access your course material go to “Course Study Material” within your account and then click on “Open Course” to the right of the course name.
  • To take an exam, go to “Take Exam” within your account and then click “Access Exam” to begin your exam.

During the exam, you may pause and save your exam. You must pass the exam to receive your certificate. This is considered an “Open Book” exam. After you pass the exam, go to “Completed Certificates,” where you can access your certificate at any time.

The exam is online and mobile-friendly. So you can complete your exam from any device.

How do I access my certificates?

For online courses taken with us, all certificates are stored within your account on

To access these certificates, you will log into your account and click “Completed Certificates.” From there, you can access your certificate(s).

Are you mobile friendly?

Great question! Yes, we are. You can search for courses, access your account and take exams on any device.

Can I print the course?

Yes, you can. Each course comes as a PDF file that you can download and print. All of the exam questions are listed within the material, in case you would like to print it out, too. Some of our courses can be viewed right on the website on any device without downloading a PDF file. 

About CE Massage®

Are you approved for my state?

Most likely, yes, but it depends. To view the most current information, please go to our Renewal Info Page here, and select your state or organization. You can find out what your renewal requirements are, as well as what we can do to help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us.

How do I know you are legitimate?

CE Massage has been in business for many years and approved by the NCBTMB and numerous states, including New York, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana! We have had tens of thousands of therapists use CE Massage to successfully renew their massage licenses across the United States using our online courses. We offer live customer support Monday-Friday and pride ourselves on helping massage therapists successfully renew their licenses.

To view our current credentials and what we can do for you, go here.


How long do you keep student records?

CE Massage is required by some entities to hold records for at least 6 years. All records and privacy fall under our Privacy Policy.

How do I contact you?

To view all of our current contact information and hours, go here.

How Do I Get Started?


Call or Visit Our Website

Easily get started by going to our website, or give us a call 855-586-9053.

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Know What You Need

Find out exactly what your state needs to renew by going to our Renewal Guide simply by clicking here.

Massage Continuing Education

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distance learning online, massage therapist training online, Home Study Massage CEU Therapy online, Advanced Massage Techniques, All Company websites and this lead in website that you are on right now, is intended for massage therapists in the USA and Canada. By using Company (Based in the USA), (you are using and/or viewing our website if you are reading this and you come under all our legal website agreements), you agree that you are 18 years of age or older and explicitly agree to all our website agreements. Copyright© The Massage Palms, Inc. DBA CE Massage® and My CE National. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. You release Company of any Liability in any form and any similarity between other websites and/or entities, when viewing Company structure, but not limited to, keywords, word combinations, course names, and any Content. No portion of this document and/or website may be copied or used by anyone without the copyright owner's express specific written permission (s). You shall not use, store, or stream, or re-stream our content, take a screenshot of anything, use and/or copy any keyword, title, description, and/or website micro-code, whether visible or not, any course or test material, print out any course or test material unless specifically licensed to do so, courses, and tests without express specific written permission. CE Massage and CEMassage are Registered® Trademarks and cannot be used and/or displayed without express written permission.

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